Richard Speck was a monster. He killed eight women from no reason. He waltzed up to their townhouse and promised them he wouldn’t hurt them; then he started systematically killing them. When I started out reading this case, I thought it was going to be like any other murder case, but it wasn’t. Most murderers had at least some motive for killing who they did, or they knew their victims; Richard Speck didn’t know any of his victims. He murdered eight women and changed one woman’s life forever.

Personally, I don’t think the Supreme Court should have overruled the death penalty. Even though 50-100 years is basically the same thing, he still deserved to “get the chair.” He deserved to have done to him what he did to those women. He wasn’t even in jail for 20 years because he died way before his sentence would have been up. If they had just kept the death penalty, there would have been one less monster in the world that much sooner.

These eight women had their whole lives ahead of them, and this monster took it away from them. They were in college, almost at the career level they wanted to be. Speck didn’t just murder these eight women, though. He also murdered a barmaid one month earlier, although he was never actually convicted of doing so. None of these women had any association with Speck. They were just existing, and Richard Speck took away their existence in one night.

I think Corazon Amurao is one very lucky woman. She was smart enough to keep quiet and wedge herself tight under the bed. She was brave; she could have screamed and cried when her friends were taken away and when she had to endure Gloria being raped, but she didn’t. She stayed silent. Cora was brave enough to not let the fear take ahold of her until her attacker was well away.

Getting background on this case was a piece of cake, but finding witnesses and evidence and statements was difficult. I thought that such a big case would have had more stuff on the Internet, but it didn’t. Other than the difficulty of finding what I needed, I thought this assignment was pretty easy. It was fun, even. I got to read through a case, all on my own, and I got to form my own opinions about it and design my page how I wanted it to be. I didn’t have to worry about what my partner wanted or any of that stuff. I really liked this assignment.